Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nuby Sport Sipper Spouts - Buy in Bulk and Save on Shipping

Nuby Sport Sipper Replacement Spouts - Buy in Bulk and Save on Shipping

Not much as changed for the Nuby sport sipper replacement spouts.  The cups have rubber grips on them and the 10oz cups do look different from the 12oz cups.  The 12oz cups may no longer be sold today, but the spouts do fit both sizes. They still fit the Nuby 10oz and Nuby 12oz Nuby Sport Sipper Sippy Cups as shown.   CLICK HERE TO BUY.  CHOOSE YOUR QUANTITY.

Nuby Sport Sipper Sippy Cup 10oz

Nuby Sport Sipper Sippy Cup 12oz

Nuby sport sipper spouts measure just about 2 inches from widest side to widest side.

Nuby Sport Sipper Cup 10oz

2 Nuby sport sipper spouts

Customers are making the critical mistake of ordering these for the new Nuby Clik It Cups.  These spouts DO NOT FIT any of the Nuby Clik it cups.  Nuby may decide to make replacements for the Clik It cups and when they become available, we will let you know.

You can definitely save money by buying more than a few Nuby sport sipper spouts.  The money savings comes in the shipping cost.  On the website NUBY SPORT SIPPER REPLACEMENT SPOUTS you will find a wide variety of different quantities of the sport sipper spouts.