Friday, September 24, 2010

Nuby Sport Sipper Spouts - Facts & Where to Buy

[Nuby Sport Sipper Spouts] available in factory sealed packaging.  100% medical grade silicone.

Nuby Sport Sipper Spouts are now available for consumers who buy the 10 and 12 oz tall Nuby sippy gripper cups and the Nuby Sport Sipper Sippy cups.  They are available in several online stores, including UNIQUE KIDS BOUTIQUE UNIQUE KIDS BOUTIQUEand on  (great site to get discounted shipping charges) and on Ebay.  So far, they cannot be found in any stores.

The No-Spill™ Sport Sipper by Nûby™ is great for families who are on the go! The Sport Sipper cup is designed with an innovative, ergonomic shape that has easy grips that ensure a comfortable and secure grasp for you child. The 100% medical grade, unique soft silicone straw with has a built-in valve.  The valve opens with sucking action and closes when not in use.

To find other websites that carry the Nuby sport sipper spouts just go to Google or Bing and type in "nuby sport sipper spouts" and you will get quite a few results.  The main items to look for when comparing the cost of the spouts are the total cost between shipping and handling charges and the shipping time.  All of the sites vary and it's important to read the fine print.  Some sites offer discount coupon codes for anyone who reorders. 

The spouts look like the following pictures.

The Nuby sport sipper spouts fit the following sippy cups:

10 and 12 oz Nuby Sport Sipper Cups

10 oz Nuby Sippy Gripper cup

The Soft spout no spill Nuby sports sipper spouts are recommended for ages 6 months and up. 

Find information on all types of Nuby replacement spouts at

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